Thursday, December 21, 2006

Virgin birth

Check it out!
Virgin birth expected for Komodo dragon in UK zoo

Of course, we recall that "love can't replace a mother and a father."

But nature can. COOL!

And on that note, we are all heading off to do the family thing in California for the holiday. Sadly, Mom-Vicky has to be in Greece, having lost her Dad, Luther's Papou (grandfather), a few weeks ago. Our hearts are very much with her, and we promise not to trash her house while she's gone.

In January, I'll be traipsing up to Toronto and then St. John's to see the Canadian side of the family.

And then when I get home, Luther and I will be looking at exactly what crazy things we want to do for our 2007.

How hard can it be?

Happy holidays, all!


jamesjames said...

Ahem. So, when you say "up to Toronto," you Toronto, Canada? If that is the case...well, perhaps you might visit your old home town and spare a couple of precious minutes to catch up with a friend? Last time you came up here, you slinked out of town without letting me know you had re-entered the Great White North.

How hard could it be?

jamesjames said...

Well, isn;t that well worded. I suck! Append the word "mean" in the appropriate spot in the first line.

jason evans said...

Happy Holidays Bekbek and Luther!

Yvonner said...

When your in town ya gotta meet Max!!!!!
He can hang drool up to three feet long, ya gotta see it!!!!
Let us know when youre here!
Loves, Yvonner, Mike and Max!