Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Blog layout editing... la dee dah

This has effectively become a test blog at this point, but if you pop in, well... Hi! How are ya?

I had some heinous green enter my blog. You'll still see it upper left in the sidebar. I couldn't figure out, at the time, how to fix it. Tonight, I guess my brain had cooked it enough (for many, many months), because the solution took about 2 minutes.

Here's how it HAD looked, when I first came upon it:

And here's the fixed version, for posterity, because I will undoubtedly be tweaking:

There's still a box of green. I shall have to find that in the CSS somewhere.

This reminds me. Figuring puzzles out is COOL!

It's alive!

Heh. My Photobucket account has expired. THAT's now long it's been since I looked at this.

I shall make some changes shortly. But I couldn't just leave it with no new post.

Here is a new one.

Happy New Year!