Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Blog layout editing... la dee dah

This has effectively become a test blog at this point, but if you pop in, well... Hi! How are ya?

I had some heinous green enter my blog. You'll still see it upper left in the sidebar. I couldn't figure out, at the time, how to fix it. Tonight, I guess my brain had cooked it enough (for many, many months), because the solution took about 2 minutes.

Here's how it HAD looked, when I first came upon it:

And here's the fixed version, for posterity, because I will undoubtedly be tweaking:

There's still a box of green. I shall have to find that in the CSS somewhere.

This reminds me. Figuring puzzles out is COOL!

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Carolyn Guertin said...

I'm trying to track down the immortal Becky Slocombe, formerly of Book City of Toronto, that I worked with in the 80s. Looks like it might be you. Carolyn Guertin here. How's Elfquest going? Drop me a line if you have a chance: carolyn dot guertin at gmail dot com.