Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Slavery Controversy

One of the things we talked about at dinner with friends recently was the concept of the "Slave controversy."

To graduate with any degree from a Georgia state college or university, students must learn some Georgia history. Luther had his history from a California college, so he was given the option of taking a "test out," and had to read a study guide for Georgia history. The little book spoke often of the "slave controversy," as if there was any controversy. Slavery, bad. No controversy at all!

Meanwhile I have to admit that the "Tape controversy" continues. Here's the thing: 3M Scotch Gift Tape (Invisible) sucks! Holy smokes, I had no idea, but seriously, it don' stick so good!

I wound up practically begging for the shiny tape Luther originally purchased. And in some cases, I used a stapler.

Invisible tape my ass. If it is invisible by virtue of not being used, why buy it?

ily Luther. Thank you for the tape, and for helping me with the boxes. You rock.

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