Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thanks for stopping by

If you want to leave your footprint in the virtual sand, post a comment here. I love that you took the time to visit!


KaMen said...

Just dropped here to say hi!

Anonymous said...

"...footprint in the virtual sand..."

Too funny.

Tell Lutherous I'll spot him a few bucks for a haircut. :)

Cheers, eh?

theRealQuidam said...

I just invested (not 'spent' as that would imply time wasted) an hour in reading and thinking about posts on your main page. I followed a link to your friend's blog, and enjoyed the TED video.

This one sentence of yours, "I feel like the surprising, the frightening happenstance that is the real world has already slipped away, now out of reach, and if I don't concentrate very hard, I'll lose even the memory of truth.", is very poignant to me. It calls to mind similar thoughts and feelings I've had.

So to the point, "Thank You". You have a talent with words. I "found" you via a twitter post, randomly scanning the public timeline.

-- theRealQuidam, just a face in the crowd...

bekbek said...

theRealQuidam: Wow, thanks for visiting, and how awesome is that, that you came here via Twitter? I rarely post to Twitter these days, so this is a real "kwinkydink."

Thank you for your comment. You really made my day!