Thursday, February 15, 2007

Squid tentacles, yum!

I discovered something interesting:It's a bag-o-noodles made of tofu and some kind of yam flour. Practically no carbs (okay, 2 servings in a bag, 3 grams of carbohydrate per serving, of which 2 grams of each serving is fiber...) and definitely no fat.

I drained the noodles, then dumped them into boiling water, added some low-fat, no-msg stock mixture, some grilled chicken (no skin), a couple of egg-whites, and some chopped onions and broccoli and garlic.

I should have skipped the broccoli, which was lame. And I should definitely have added some chopped green onions. But I gotta say, my one of two servings was exceptionally yummy and filling.

Flavor: Whatever you cooked it in. Consistency: Not quite noodles. Like a cross between pasta and some kind of crunchy vegetable. There was definitely an unusual crunch to them. Yes, for a moment I thought, "squid tentacles!" but only for a moment. I like squid, but tentacles as noodles is a bit beyond even me.

I'm on a diet, by the way. I ate too much in this meal. Next time, smaller portions. But oh boy was this satisfying after a couple of days of just a bit of meat with salad. And really hit the spot on this cold, cold Thursday.


anne frasier said...

i love tofu, but i can't eat very much of it without getting a bloated stomach ache. was that TMI? this looks good though. might have to risk the bloated belly.

Luther said...

Becky does this mean tofu, ground pork, and Chinese chili garlic paste medley...freaking yum!

Bill Cameron said...

Very curious. I should give this a try too.

bekbek said...

I got fettucine-style noodles this time. We'll see... the texture definitely isn't pasta, you see, so when you're craving pasta... it doesn't really do the trick.

But tonight I'm making the tofu dish Luther mentioned, with modifications because I can't leave well enough alone. Instead of pork, buffalo. And the noodles will be great, because I can have my "ma po buffalo tofu" on a bed of noodles, woot!

Ah, food. So much yumminess, and yet so many cute pairs of pants to fit into...