Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy birthday, Luther, and thank you!

When I met Luther, I quit my job and moved in with him. Oh sure, it wasn't quite as simple as that, but that's what it boils down to. I couldn't work in the States, but I had a small part-time telecommuting job with which to make my student loan payments. And two can eat as cheaply as one, I said to myself.

I enjoyed a luxurious six months in a small apartment. No car -or rather, no license- but my bicycle and a really amazing man who often came home for lunch. I finished my degree, I worked, I played, and I enjoyed my freedom. I spent a lot of time outside. It was beautiful.

Thank you, Luther.

Then about four and a half years ago, I got an office job at Macon State College. And sometime after that, Luther retired from the military. He's worked on and off since then, but the best part of all has been that I could help with the bills, so he finally quit working so that he could go to school and spend a good chunk of his time at home, working and playing, enjoying his freedom. Maybe spending a little time outside.

Well, we're flipping sides again. Now Luther is working, and I am at home. This time is quite different -I'm working. I'm actually working a lot more than expected, which is all to the good. But I'm working at my desk at my window, and today it is warm enough to open that window and spend a little time "outside." And I have some flexibility, so when I finished a project, I sent the files off, and then I got into my car and I hit the road.

A little while later, I found myself in a parking lot, still "in town," but for the life of me I felt just like a kid or a teenager or even an adult from the "Toronto days," when the only time I stood anywhere and listened to cars going by and the breeze and the sun and the hot parking lot and no tall buildings in sight for miles... was when somebody else drove me there. I felt like... I was on a road trip. Or camping. I was Outside The City.

This time, all by myself with my own little car!


So today, I am all grown up. It finally happened. And I'm free to work and play and be outside. And it's all thanks to the nice man that used to come home for lunch sometimes.

I love you Luther. You've given me so much.

Dare I say it? Thank you Scrubs.

I am really glad I found you.

Happy birthday!

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michael ringwood said...

Happy Birthday To Luther. Love the look of your blog. Good luck with it. Have a great year ahead.
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