Sunday, January 07, 2007

The green headed monster

As long as I'm going to be jealous about other peoples' talent and adventures, I might as well share.

Here's a blog I try to keep up with. What is not to love about a gorgeous woman who takes beautiful photos, understands what's fun about Aaron Sorkin, apparently is some kind of lawyer (I'm quite mystified about this), and likes good food and good drink? I mean... okay, I'm just living vicariously, but damn, it's a good vicarious life.

She's in India right now. Quote: "So anyway. I saw a monkey masturbating today. NOW my trip to India is complete."

And if that doesn't make you feel totally lame in comparison, this will. Thinking With My Skin: What Happened to My Daughter on Friday It's by Bill Cameron's daughter. Who the hell is THAT creative? Damn. I'm such a slouch.

Bill's pretty cool, too.

That's all for now.


anne frasier said...

i loved the video on bill's blog. very cool.

jason evans said...

Okay, so now I know where the monkey's hands have been. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Hey you sacreligious Canuck! Have you abandoned us?