Monday, November 20, 2006

On not blogging

I fell ill this morning. Later, I recognized the horrendous pain in my abdomen as that old ovarian cyst myth, a myth because it has never been proven, but still I find myself doubled over in pain every few years, and I don't bother going to the doctor because I know from experience just how long it takes to arrange an ultrasound and by then it will be all gone.

So tomorrow, I go back to work, and Sue my woundrous boss needs a brochure that I never have found the time or other wherewithall to put together for her, but I'm distracted because I have indeed read dozens of scholarly works on the value of portfolios as experiential elements in the learning process, and no, it's not just a "fad," and she asked me if I had, and I have, only... I didn't keep the papers.

Meanwhile my other woundrous boss Denise is sending me a new job and promising me fame and fortune or if not those things, at least a second pay check, so I'm excited to do the work. But at the same time I feel like I've somehow lost the plot on the class I'm taking, and I have a project partner who is counting on me so I need to get it together and build some wireframes and write up some... thing... that we need.

And the cat needs her stitches out. And today, our wireless network croaked again, and I got up all bleery-eyed from too much Dramamine and tried to fix it, and shocked myself by getting everybody back online... except for Luther. His machine can see the network, but it can't get on to the network. No apparent reason. No nothing. So tomorrow I need to go get a new network adapter on the off chance that this will fix the problem, and it won't, but I have to rule it out, so then I'll have to take it back and stand in line to return the stupid thing.


So if I'm not blogging... eh. You understand.


anne frasier said...

you still alive, kid?

i know how painful those cysts can be, and i hope you're able to enjoy thanksgiving.

bekbek said...

I'm here, and feeling fine now. Thanks! I'm even ditching some of the stress over all the things going on --but then, I have three and a half whole days left to my weekend at this point.

yvonne said...

Bek bek you make me worry for you! I had a huge ovarian cyst and they had to take it out. Please get the ultrasound, even if the pain has gone. Even better idea come up here for a visit and get yer self taken care of on our country's coin! You are sorely missed and Max wants to meet you!
Huggs, Yvonne

bekbek said...

Now, this doesn't answer the Max issue (haha, so to say, nudge nudge, wink wink) whatsoever, but darling I have to tell you that I have largely escaped the horror stories that we've all heard about U.S. health care. Yup, I married into the military, woot! Off-base, eh, I can take or leave the service I've seen, but on-base, I'm exceedingly confident about the care we receive.

There are several different types of ovarian cysts. The second time this happened was when I lived with the Zalamedas in that great house... so you know I was only around the corner from the Emergency Room, eh? The docs gave me an ultrasound, you see, only the pain had completely gone by then, and they found nothing and said this was not unusual, that it had probably been an ovarian cyst that had burst, and they suggested it could be recurring.

Poking around online, I find some places that say it can, and some places that it's very unlikely. I find that the type of cyst I may have had most likely is not something you'd find, because it develops fairly quickly and then bursts and is gone again -except this isn't supposed to be a recurring condition. So who knows?

But I get regular exams (or oops, will get regular exams as soon as I get caught up) and all that good stuff. So never fear!

Love to the wee fambly. Awww, so adorable!