Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let it snow!

Someone from one of the other departments here at work just came by to tell us that they had their Christmas tree up and we had to come see it.

American Thanksgiving is next week. So it's a good thing they've got their Christmas tree up. Just in time!

Apparently it is a "display tree." It only has a few branches, and the way they're arranged allows room for "those Christmas villages."

Will somebody please help me to understand what the deal is with little Christmas houses and villages? I bet they come complete with fake snow. The idyllic Christmas village, so perfect and peaceful, so full of perfect little English people.

I think I need to get a muddy Christmas river and some Christmas alligators to decorate my living room. Yes, I need to spend some time decorating this year, because it's one of those important womanly things to do after all. On my muddy Christmas river, I'm going to put a Christmas tire, with a little chocolate boy floating down the Christmas river, past the Christmas alligators.

As we get closer to the actual holiday (in other words, maybe past Thanksgiving), I can start removing limbs, since the Christmas alligators will have got them.

It will be... oh, so sweet...


jason evans said...

Alright, I admit it, we have a Christmas village. Fairly extensive actually. But then again, I get nostalgic over "A Christmas Carol."

bekbek said...

Hahahaha! Oh, I have tears of joyful mirth in my eyes, very Christmassy indeed! :D

The thing is, though, Jason... YOU'RE NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF GEORGIA!

A little hint: It don't snow here.

anne frasier said...

last year i searched all over for a black christmas tree. i know they exist!! and they were selling like hell in the UK. so wouldn't you think fake black trees would have made it here this year? still can't find any. i did buy a cool retro tacky lime tree from ebay last year for 15 bucks, so i guess it will shine radioactive for another year.

bekbek said...

Anne, after I read your comment, I went back and looked at my post. All of a sudden I wonder, could my post possibly "read" racist?

"so full of perfect little English people" isn't the problem. Systematically removing the limbs of the "chocolate boy" could seem a little different than what I intended...

All of which pales in comparison with your black Christmas tree. You racist!

anne frasier said...

your post didn't hit me that way the first time i read it, but now that you've pointed it out. LOL!!!!