Thursday, October 19, 2006

Love not what you can skip to your heart's content

Too, too funny. I'm going to be late for work, but I just have to post this:

In this morning's news on CNN, an article entitled,
Confident students do worse in math; bad news for U.S.

In essence, happiness is overrated, says study author Tom Loveless.
"If I'm a math student and I don't perceive myself as confident, you think I'm going to major in it? The answer is no," said Francis "Skip" Fennell
*snort* Shockingly, a guy named "Skip" argues that kids should have fun in math class.

This story has to have been made up, right?


jason evans said...

You mean that in 2006, people still don't understand that correlations don't equate with cause and effect? Correlation studies should be banned.

bekbek said...

I tend to think the guy who does the study knows this. The guy who writes the article (aka wants to sell advertising) doesn't care.

It's far more exciting to say, "kids have to be unhappy to do well at math" than to say, "we've observed some correlations which suggest some further studies."

But none of that matters, because the fun part is coming up with your own pet theory to explain the correlations! Yay! I've got mine...