Friday, October 20, 2006

3em is even better than 3M

I found the code I was looking for, and I fixed it. How about that? Of course, I started the hunt in the first place because I wanted a black background, and a black background revealed the complete lack of a right margin in the sidebar content. Finally, I found the sidebar widget, whatever that is, and I changed one of the values to 3em, and wow, that's actually too much margin. I set it to 1em and moved on.

Only by this time, I'd stopped loving the black background.

For my next trick, I'll be trying to figure out how to put a gradient into the background, or maybe tile it with a texture. Because...

yeah, yeah. How hard can it be?

The "new look" is a considerably tweaked version of one of Blogger-beta's stock templates. I made the banner out of a kelp tattoo design I've been thinking of actually having tattooed on my own self, like the woman in the banner only... fatter. And then I made a new gif for one of the template's dividers, and I adjusted some colors. Not bad.

I'll be playing with it some more. Hey, I might even crack open that web design book, eh?


jason evans said...

Wow, as a regular reader, I drop by today and don't even recognize the place! Not a webpage designer, eh? (Note the Canadian touch). Looks like it's going pretty dang well to me. :)

BTW, that kelp design is strangely fascinating.

Bhaswati said...

Nice new look, Bekbek! Love what you did with the banner. Very slick. Definitely doesn't sound like it was hard for you at all. Good show. :)

bekbek said...

Thanks Jason, and thank Bhaswati!

I like deconstructing the code, you see. My current job as a secretary actually started as a "technology development specialist" (ha! it looks good on the resume!) and I had to try to implement software that didn't work. I liked bughunting, and it turns out you can fix problems just by comparing one thing that works with one thing that doesn't! Kinda cool.

I'll let the design be for now (noted: Have changed the background since your comments), but I forsee a three-column layout sometime in the future.

And oh yeah, I'm taking a graduate course in web design right now, so I have been pretending that all of this is "studying."

anne frasier said...


that sound was my eyeballs.

very nice!!!!! i love it here! and i recognized the header right away!!!!

bekbek said...

Hopefully the "boinngg" isn't your way of saying it's too intense.

I worry about readability. This design might just be too busy, now. But like I said, I'm going to try to let it sit a little and see how it goes.

Thanks. :)