Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Still Pimpin' Pale Immortal!

There once was this Blogger in beta
That tended to block my guests' data!
Let your frowns all be gone
And the party rage on!
Your comments Anon're all the greata!

yikes, that's bad...

Blogger-n-beta seems to have some trouble with comments across different Blogger versions. Still, it'd be nice to know you visited! Leave an anonymous message with your own blog URL, and I'll buzz you back!


Anonymous said...

testing one, two. three.

Anonymous said...


as i was saying....

love your edge of the seat comment. when my first thriller came out, my son said, "It's not going to say something like what's your greatest fear? is it?" that's exactly what was on the cover. i don't know if it helps sell a book or not! your post also got me to thinking about how this has been a little like a flash mob. got a silly factor to it that i think people like.

Anonymous said...

that was me. anne. i said it much better in the post beta blogger ate.

bekbek said...

Which one was the edge of the seat comment? Oh I'm so confused... Oh, you mean how I critiqued the marketing chatter? Oopsie, I was prolly supposed to think that was really cool. *blush*

Well, it does sell books. Realistically, it's reassuring for us aspiring book-buyers (actually, really, I always wanted to be the book buyer for the store --he had an earring and a really great grin, and I thought it would be cool to be just like him!) to read this "edge of the seat" stuff. We know it's not really related to how one reads a book, but we like to see that the publisher cared enough to put one of those marketing guys on the job.

Eh. Wait. Okay. Damn, that doesn't sound any cooler than my original comment...

OKAY IGNORE THAT PART OF MY POST. *grin* The cool part is that the story has a perfect hook, and I am all about the hook.

Well, I like pirates.

My work is done. *donning eye-patch*

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm going to try to post again.

Love this blog crawling - so many new places to visit.

Love your post.

Bailey Stewart

Anonymous said...

oh, i forgot to say that edge of your seat makes perfect sense if you have hemmoroids. perfect sense.


Anonymous said...

Finally I'm home and I get to blog crawl. I have a feeling everyone else is already drunk, but I'm just getting started. Oh my! Can I ever catch up? At least the hemmorhoids comment made sense to me!

By the way, this is Pimp MC Money, (Bill Cameron). Blogger is being mean to me and won't let me post as mmyself

Anonymous said...

Oh Gawd, I wish I had said that. Too funny!


Anonymous said...