Saturday, September 13, 2008

Selling My Comic Books

Here's something aggravating:

The current prices for collectors' comic books are dependent on printing. A 1st-printing copy of Batman: The Dark Knight gets considerably more than a 2nd-print copy.

I bought my copy when the book came out at the Silver Snail in Toronto, as far as I can recall. Is it a 1st-printing? No idea. There's no COPYRIGHT in the freakin' thing, let alone a print number.

Why can't comic books have some of the same info as normal books get?! It's damned aggravating. Apparently you have to be some kind of Super Collector to be able to tell the print number, and that's not me.

But I'm selling the thing. That, and my Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. And my Elfquests. And my Wolverines and X-Mens. So I gotta know!

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opaque said...

if you look inside the front cover of one of your comic books, on the first page, at the very bottom there should be a lot of very very tiny this you will find some info like when it was copyrighted, if it says "originally published on" some date in the past, then it is a reprint and not worth a whole lot aside from just an opportunity to actually read the story, if it interests you that much..

I hope that helps you.