Sunday, April 27, 2008

Facing my mortality

A strange thought today:

Simplicity is finally starting to relax after the move. There she is, sleeping in the early evening, purring when she's petted, yawning and stretching. I said to her, "I'm not moving you again. You'll grow old and die in this house."

And then I felt tears come to my eyes. And in a few moments I realized that I was sad not for the cat, but for me. I fully expect to move again, so it's not that. But I am on that side of my life, now, where the plans are at least in part about where I'll be when I stop making plans.

How odd, how beautiful, how sad.

Of course, it is worth noting that I am melancholy to begin with. My Luther is more than six hours away! Yuck. Got to fix that.

The house is marvelous, yadda yadda. More later.


Cathy said...

It makes me happy that you enjoy the house. We tried to make it as low maintenance and livable as we could, given what we had to work with.
So, here you are on your new adventure and here we are on ours. Best of everything to you and Luther and Wil. And Simplicity, too, of course.

bekbek said...

It is pretty great! Thank you! I am so glad your journey has gone well.