Monday, July 09, 2007

Now it is July Ninth

I am finished my summer semester. Luther has three or four weeks left to his summer semester. Wil has been on summer vacation for several weeks, and goes back to school in almost exactly a month. It is tempting to insert some dig about what he may have accomplished in that time, but whatever. Why shouldn't he look bitterly back upon his first 20 years and wonder why he wasted them just like the rest of us?

I still don't know about the blog thing. I am about ready to purchase a couple of domain names. I'm tempted to move to Wordpress because that's where all the cool templates reside. I still don't have a purpose for keeping a blog, and I don't "keep" it regularly in any case.

But I am a semester away from having my Master of Science in Bullshit*. So I figure it is time to celebrate.

Bring on the dancing monkies.

*I have had some questions about this statement, so allow me to explain: I am essentially getting my degree in rhetoric, which is not quite the same thing as bullshit. However, on most days I feel like I'm pulling a fast one, just tricking my way through it all, just like when I was a kid and discovered that as long as an exam required an essay answer, I was getting an "A" regardless of whether I ever read or studied the class materials. I do study, now. I do work hard. I have somewhere developed high standards for myself and for others. On the really good days, I remember this and am proud. Most other days... ~shrug~ Bullshit.


lady macleod said...

dancing monkeys indeed. let's see where you are now, you should need the "Virginia reel"?

Really the wordpress is better? hum..can you just push everything over to that page? In truth, is is difficult at all to change? It is too bloody hot here right now to take on any large challenges.

Diane Wright said...

Ha ha! I found your little hideaway on the web. Thanks for posting on mine! I didn't get the notice and just found your nuggets tucked away for me. Joy! Wordpress is more customizable, yes, but figure out exactly what your limitations are before jumping ship. I found that I can work around to get what I need and still stay free. Not that WP isn't free but the good stuff costs (as it should).
Take care!