Wednesday, August 09, 2006

GED update

In addition to my fantastically slow work on the comic strip (see next), I have been taking my time with this GED thing. On discovering I could very likely pass all the tests without studying, I decided to at least review all the available study materials. I bought a GED study book a couple of years ago, so I've been doing those practice tests. And I have been going through some online stuff available at

Here's a cool thing that came up. I was reading about the gold rush in California. You know, it's not like these things are foreign to Canadians, but this is what was available, and I'm trying to prepare for the possibility that I might not know all there is to know about American history.

Anyway, here's the concept: Some guys find some gold, just sitting there. Big chunks of gold for the taking. And another guy says, "hey, cool!" and buys up all the pick axes and shovels and so forth that can be found. And then he makes sure that the entire world learns that there's gold just lying around in California.

First, I have to wonder, is it "pick axes" or some kind of "pickaxe" type of thing? Enquiring minds want to know about the spelling.

Second, what makes a guy's brain do this? I mean, he became the wealthiest man, and he never, ever had to pick up an actual chunk o' gold.

Yeah, yeah, you think it makes perfect sense. Okay, picture this:

The tall trees in your neighborhood start sprouting... ten-dollar bills. The damned money is growing on trees. And you? You don't get a ladder and start picking bills off the trees. Not even the one right there in your own front yard. Nope, you go to Lowe's Hardware and Home Depot and buy up all the ladders. Heck, you borrow money and buy up all the cherry pickers.

I mean, the money is growing on the tree in your yard, and you're not picking it.

I have to say, this story really impressed me.

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